Libertine Commandos demo

by Powerslut 666

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released May 31, 2017

Sexhammer Stone - vocals, guitars, writing, composition, production, artwork

XXXTERMINATOR - vocals, bass, drums, synths

Vixxen Hellcat - vocals



all rights reserved


Powerslut 666 Portland, Oregon

Powerslut 666 is a sex metal band from Portland, OR.

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Pumping iron terminator
Pulsating metal slave
Industrophilic copulation
It's what you've always craved

Sent from the future
To bring all women pleasure
A cyborg made of steel
Clad in studs and spikes and leather


The thrill is fucking electrifying
I hunt the most dangerous game
When I've cornered you in my laser sights
It's going to be a pleasure


Iron grip, vibrating metal
Fingertips arouse
A summer night in the year 3000
On the streets he prowls

Neon lights and lightning eyes
A technoplastic smile
Loose bolts and high voltage
Absolutely wired


I've got a lock on you
(Target acquired)
And my aim is true
Feels like the simulation, stimulation
Gives me deja-vu

I'm coming back
To find you, to hunt you down
You can run but you can't hide
My love is faster than the speed of sound
Track Name: Vixxen Hellcat

When the bombs dropped
The earth shook to the sound
The cities burned to the ground
We watched the world come crashing down

Broken but desperate to survive
They tried to stop us, but we're tearing up the streets tonight
Vixxen Hellcat rides
Passion fuels his endless drive

For the right price, he'll do anything
For the right price, he'll do anything

Love burns in his motor engine
Powerdrive until the dawn
At midnight, you'll see him, feel him
Before the morning, he'll be gone

For the right price, he'll do anything
For the right price, he'll do anything


(I'm in heat tonight)

Nine lives, burned them down to one
I'm always living on the run
You'll never kill my passion, no
My love's a loaded gun

Cocked and ready
My sixgun's right on - bullseye
I pull the trigger, you say goodbye
The bounty on your head's gonna be mine


For the right price, he'll do anything
For the right price, he'll do anything
Tell 'em, Vixxen

For the right price, he'll do anything (I'll do anything - I'll be your boy)
Anything (I'll be your girl)
Anything (I'll hunt you down, I'll take the highest bidder)
For the right price, he'll do anything (I'll kill 'em all)
Anything (I'll drop and crawl)
Anything (For you)
Track Name: Sexhammer

Born above the stars into colours you've never seen
Born into a dream
Libido conquistador, the moonlight knight

You'll know me when our worlds collide
And my name is immortalised
Time is on my side

Neobarbarian incarnate of the primitive past and what is yet to be a pyrrhic future
I live, I love, I die, I live again, I live on forever
For power, for glory, for passion, for liberation, for expression, for personal freedom, my name burns on and on and on - ad infinitum
My love is to die for

Untamed and feral, I'm at the start of eternity and I will never let go
You're welcome to join me - it just takes some blood to know
Track Name: Powerslut 666

We come to arms, of course I mean no harm, unless you like it that way
I can see the fervor in your eyes, feel heat pulsing in your veins, the sweat drips down your face
Our service and our mission is to bring you to submission, then rebuild you till you dominate
Break the chains of oppression, free will is our XXX crusade, corruption will suffocate
(Choke on this)

Electric screams that pierce your surreal dreams, machine-gunning at twice your pulse rate
It's a meltdown, an ecstatic cacophony, an absolute sex metal blaze
Your ears bleed, you're near but so far away from the climactic release
Once again you call for Powerslut 666 sound; you drop to your knees
(And you pray)

Libertine commandos, sex drive mercenaries for your pleasure
We're lust for hire, built to inspire, no one will do you better
And when the pressure is on you'll cum… crawling back for more
As I tally our score, and we claim the spoils of war

Call my name, I'll find you
Call our name, we'll find you
Just so you know
You never have to be alone
We're here for your every need